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How to Shop Minnesota Online at Bazaar MPLS

Bazaar MPLS strives to provide our customers with the easiest and most convenient local shopping experience. We are open 24/7/365 at and on our free mobile app for Android and iPhone. Anytime, anywhere, and for everyone, Bazaar MPLS is here to provide you the best local shopping experience online and the best local products made in Minnesota.

To make it even easier to Shop Minnesota Online by organizing our local products in a variety of ways. You can shop local products however you want!

Shop Local by Product 

Bazaar MPLS local collections are arranged by the end user of the product or primary use of it. Like most department stores (but without the parking hassle!), you'll find a Women's Collection, Men's Collection, Baby Collection, Kids Collection, Pet Collection, and Home Collection.

Shop Local by City

Bazaar MPLS understands our customers are interested in supporting their local communities. For this reason we sort our local Vendors and products by City or Region. Search for local products made by local businesses in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, Rochester, Mankato, or Duluth and make your local shopping even more local!

Shop Local by Vendor  

Looking for a local brand you know and love? Shop local by Vendor! Bazaar MPLS posts all available products from each local Vendor on their own local collection. You can visit each local Vendor's homepage as well, where you'll find stories of their local businesses, how they make local  products in Minnesota, and how they give back to local communities across Minnesota. 

Shop Local Curated Collections 

Each month, Bazaar MPLS pulls together a collection of local products with a specific theme in mind. In a state with four seasons, each month offers different activities to do, different clothes to wear, and different reasons to celebrate Minnesota - and local businesses in Minnesota. Check back monthly to see the latest local collection by local Vendors from Minnesota.

Shop Local Deals

Minnesotans are known for being thrifty, so we think you'll keep coming back to check the local shopping deals in our Shop Local Deals Collection. The local products are always changing in this collection, so you'll be introduced to many new-to-you local businesses - in addition to getting a great value on locally-made products from Minnesota.

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