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A Simple Idea: Shop Local Online, but Simpler 

Bazaar MPLS makes shopping local easier by bringing together Minnesota's best local products in one place online. The idea is simple but, until now, shopping local online meant searching the websites of several businesses, each with a different look & feel, each accepting different forms of payment, each with their own checkout and cart, and some not even allowing you to buy online. We knew there had to be a better way to shop local online, and we asked Minnesotans if they would shop local more often if the process was just a little easier - 91% said they would! At Bazaar MPLS, you can shop local products for men, women, kids, baby, and pets as well as home decor, art, bath & beauty products - all made & sold in Minnesota by local businesses, craftsmen, artists, and creators from every corner of the Land of 10,000 lakes. 

A Big Goal: Shop Local First

We hope shopping local becomes your first choice and that a greater share of local spending will be earned by local businesses. We knew shopping local had to get even more convenient for that to be true, and decided to bring the best local products directly to your pocket, purse, or palm with the Bazaar MPLS mobile app for iPhone and Android. Whether online or on our mobile app, you will have the same simple, organized shopping experience, the ability to shop with the same account & cart across multiple devices, and the same extensive selection of quality products made here in Minnesota. 

The Bazaar MPLS mobile app is more than convenient, though. With a Bazaar MPLS account and the Bazaar MPLS local shopping mobile app, you'll qualify for exclusive offers, deals, and discounts. You can also choose to receive in-app notifications from your favorite Vendors, enabling them to speak to you directly and make sure you're in-the-know about special local events, community causes they're supporting, or new local products they think you'll love. 

A Grand Vision: Bring Out the Best in Minnesota by Bringing Minnesotans Together to Make, Find, Share, and Create Minnesota's Best

We set out to develop an easier way to shop local online - and we did. Then we pushed farther, to make shopping local more convenient - and we did. We continued looking for ways to make shopping local the best-possible experience, until a realization that changed our mission entirely. 

We came to realize the Minnesota businesses and Minnesotan shoppers we serve were motivated by a shared, optimistic vision for the places they both call home, and a commitment to supporting their neighbors and communities. We shifted our focus from "shopping" to "local," and found that our work to make local shopping easier had cleared the path to taking on what matters most to the local businesses and local shoppers we serve. Today, our objective is to build a community of local businesses and a community of Minnesotans who support them.

We made local shopping simpler so you can explore and discover locally-made products. We made local shopping more convenient so local shopping can be your first choice. And we made local shopping our business because we love what's "local" in Minnesota, because we're certain most Minnesotans love it too, because we recognize the value local businesses bring to our communities, and because we can't help imagining what's possible if we join together in supporting them. 

Local businesses support our local economy, our communities, our friends & neighbors, and - we believe - the future of Minnesota. We support them by helping them connect with you - Minnesotans who value quality local products made by and for members of our community. And you can support them - by exploring what they have to offer, by choosing to shop local first and, ultimately, to join us in building a community as committed to local makers, creators, craftsmen, & artists as they have been to the communities they serve. 


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