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What Should I Know About Vendor Service Plan Pricing?

Bazaar MPLS offers several Vendor Service Plans to meet the wide-ranging needs of our community members, and the posted rates are guidelines only. We get to know business owners, their business, and their individual needs before finalizing a package of marketing and retail services that is best suited to their unique circumstances and budget.

Plan pricing is based on the number of items a Vendor intends to list for sale on Bazaar MPLS' core eCommerce platforms at and the Bazaar MPLS Shop Local MN mobile app for iOS and Android.

How Does Bazaar MPLS Create Value for Makers?

Identify and Reach the Market for Locally-Made Goods

We are building a community of Minnesotans who value the contributions of local businesses in their communities, the products they make, and the idea that supporting local entrepreneurs is an investment in Minnesota’s future.

Grow the Market

We work to increase the number of Minnesotans who hold those values by telling the stories of Minnesota's business owners and making their products easier to discover and purchase.

Increase Vendor ACCESS to the market and tools to reach it

Bazaar MPLS' eCommerce platforms leverage the latest techniques and technologies to put Vendors' products and brand in front of those consumers.

A Complete View of the Local Consumer to Inform Business Decisions

We measure consumer behavior and attitudes on our site and across Minnesota and share key insights and performance metrics with Vendors to help inform their key decisions on Bazaar MPLS and elsewhere.

How Does My Investment support my business objectives?

Bazaar MPLS performs two key marketing functions on behalf of the community of Vendors:

Brand building

We build our own brand as a central point for increasing interest in local shopping and local business in Minnesota

We engage consumers through storytelling on social media, and build the Bazaar MPLS and Vendors' brands

We measure the impact of our activities on consumer brand awareness & recognition and are continually improving our efforts through messaging, tactical, and technological improvements

Retail Sales

Community Marketing contributions support retail sales volume through product promotions, product advertising, and other product-focused in-market activities

Performance is monitored against Vendor investment

Implement and continually improve advanced eCommerce technology to support shopper conversion and retention and keep pace with national leaders in eCommerce

Let's Talk about services and rates that work for you and your business

We value our Makers' trust and depend upon investments made by Makers to maintain our eCommerce platforms and to continue delivering against our core operational objective to identify, expand, and serve the consumer market for locally-produced products in Minnesota.

Our commitment to delivering value to our Makers outweighs any commitment to rigid pricing structures - we’re always happy to discuss other listing packages, marketing services, or pricing arrangements to ensure you’re seeing value from your relationship with us and/or to ensure our eCommerce platforms are reasonably accessible.

*As outlined above, Makers contribute to a Community Marketing Fund at a rate of 4% of retail sales volume. This fund supports Product Marketing efforts implemented to improve retail sales of targeted products, as well as Consumer Incentive and Promotion executions intended to increase sales velocity but that may or may not be targeted to specific products.

**As is standard practice across eCommerce platforms and payment processing providers, a 3% transaction processing charge is applied to all sales.