Bazaar MPLS - Press - March 31, 2017: Minnesota Startup Re-Imagines Local Shopping

March 31, 2017: Minnesota Startup Re-Imagines Local Shopping


Minneapolis, Minnesota, March 31st, 2017

Minnesotans who prefer to shop local will have a new, online option next week. On April 3rd, Bazaar MPLS will open an online marketplace and mobile app with local products for every member of the family. Created with local shoppers in mind, Bazaar MPLS wanted to create a simpler way for Minnesotans to shop and find local products made by Minnesota businesses.

“Minnesotans want to buy local products - our research made that very clear - but something was standing in the way,” said Bazaar MPLS Vice President of Consumer Marketing, Insights, & Analytics Steven Lewandowski, “We realized local shopping online is inconvenient and you are basically on your own - there is not one place to see what local products are available.” In fact, a Bazaar MPLS survey of Minnesota shoppers showed 91% of Minnesotans would buy more local products if they could do so on one website. “We thought a single online store for local products would appeal to Minnesotans; we had no idea it would be 91% - we were blown away,” Lewandowski said.

Local businesses also see an opportunity to reach Bazaar MPLS’ community of Minnesotan shoppers, and they are clear about their support for local businesses, too. “We want to connect Minnesotans to local products & local businesses they will love,” Corbin Collins, Bazaar MPLS Director of Vendor Services, Merchandising, & Operations, said, “we think it is just as important to serve local businesses by helping them connect with local shoppers.”

Minnesotans want to shop local online, local businesses want to sell their products, and Bazaar MPLS wants to introduce them, “Our Vendors and our shoppers are really looking for the same thing - it’s a bit like setting up a blind date between two people you know would be great together.” Collins said.

You can learn more about Bazaar MPLS at and follow opening week events on their Facebook page. You can shop Minnesota online at Bazaar MPLS starting at 10am on Monday, April 3rd, which will kick off with a Facebook Live broadcast.