TaylorCathleen - Custom Hand-Etched Glassware.

My maker story is a fairly simple one, and one that starts with family. In addition to a mother who loves glassware, I also have a monster-sized family. It's a wonderful monster-sized family with many, MANY members who have all been telling me I should "be creative, make something awesome, and sell it"... relentlessly and lovingly... for years. I fought them silently for quite some time with equal fervor because I simply did not know where to start.

As fate would have it, a family friend finally convinced me to be a part of her annual holiday craft boutique by catching me at a time when I was newly engaged and in desperate need of extra funds to feed everyone at my upcoming wedding. When I sat down to try and figure out what to make, my now husband suggested etched wine glasses because we had access to a sand-blasting cabinet and air compressor at the time. I'm fairly certain the inspiration (and level of enthusiasm) came from the bottle of wine we happened to be sharing at the time.

I have always been drawn to the Minneapolis Skyline as a source of inspiration for many of my creative endeavors (from writing, to book arts, to ink drawings) and it seemed like the perfect design to start with for my glasses. It grew from there to include Minnesota and other state-themed elements because I figured that I'm probably not the only one that has a profound pride for the place I call home.

My passion for my product comes from that sense of home and the people I share it with. Not to mention, the social gatherings where we belly up to the bar, the kitchen table, or any other surface, raise a glass, and remind ourselves of why we fell love with “home” in the first place.

About taylorcathleen

My mom always taught me that beverages should be served out of the correct glassware, and there is no double that I have inherited her love of drinking vessels of all kinds.

That means I put a lot of love into my craft. I personally design, prepare, and etch each glass that comes out of my shop, so you can rest assured you are getting a top quality product made locally in St. Paul.