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As Minnesotans, we're proud of our home - from the natural beauty of the North Shore and the bluffs of the Mississippi, to the hardworking communities of the Iron Range and farming towns of the southern prairie, to the global commerce and cosmopolitan opportunities of the Twin Cities. We know there's no better way to show our pride than to support the local businesses that drive our economy, employ our friends and neighbors, and exemplify and redefine what it means to be Minnesotan. At Bazaar MPLS, we recognize that shopping local can be hard - searching multiple stores or websites, struggling to compare products, and always unsure that you hadn't missed something - and we envisioned a better way. We know that buying local doesn't have to be a challenge, and that it isn't when shopping local is simplified. That's why we brought together the biggest assortment of Minnesota products in one place, and made those products available online, on social media, and through our mobile app for iPhone and Android.

We exist to help Minnesotans shop local, as well as to help local businesses reach the customers who care about supporting their communities and the businesses that make them vibrant. In addition to reaching Minnesotans from across the state with a common interest in supporting local businesses, our Vendors build deeper relationships with those customers through our mobile app for iPhone and Android, access cutting-edge online marketing techniques and technologies to better understand their customers, and join a community of local businesses with a shared goal of making local shopping the first choice for Minnesotans. 

Local Vendor Eligibility

The vast majority of local businesses in Minnesota are eligible to sell local products on Bazaar MPLS. To offer products for sale on Bazaar MPLS, Vendors must:

  • Currently make or sell their products in Minnesota
  • Conduct their business in ways that do not contradict our Values
  • Select a Vendor Service Plan with Bazaar MPLS and be in good standing with Vendor Services
  • Be approved for listing by Bazaar MPLS

Bazaar MPLS is updating information for Vendors very regularly in response to conversations with prospective local Vendors. Please check back regularly and contact Vendor Services directly to discuss your unique needs, questions, and business objectives.

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